MP3 Validator for Mac OS X

MP3 Scan+Repair

Check and repair your MP3 audio files. Some of your audio players might be picky or play choppy sound. Scan and fix all your MP3 files for best performance! And it's free, too!

MP3 Scan + Repair Download

Download Version 1.5, for Mac OS X 10.5+

Mouse Curve App for Mac OS X

Read the original curves from system and driver, supply custom curves, set arbitrary curves system-wide or for each device individually. A easy UI for all this, including a prototype graphical editor for curves.

Safari Vector SVG for Inkscape

Safari SVG

Here is a vector redraw of the Safari chrome in Inkscape. You can use this to do quick web site mockups in Inkscape.

OpenOBEX build for Windows

This is the old build of OpenOBEX and ObexFTP for win32.
There will be an updated build once OpenOBEX 1.6 and the related ObexFTP release are done.

RSS Remote Enclosure for Drupal 6 released

The Drupal 6 port of RSS Remote Enclosure is in CVS now. It's released as feature complete and stable 6.x-1.0 download.

ObexFS 0.12 released

ObexFS release 0.12 adds an option to select the source device (hci) for bluetooth. You can select the local device by name ("hci1") or bt address.

See announcement on Freshmeat page. Download at Sourceforge. Changes and tree at Github repository.

Bluetooh OBEX file distribution

In the past month quite a number of people contacted me about bulk sending files using OBEX. Bluetooth spamming, bluntly put.

Common goals are mostly:

  • small, cheap, low-power, wifi-enabled
  • bulk sending, largely in parallel

Here are a few tips on that.

Rotating Folder Backup Script

How do you create folder backup archives and limit the size by rotating old ones out? A common task and there are plenty of solutions. This is more or less the poor man's solution I'm running from cron.

Low-tech door monitoring with ICQ

Do you want to monitor some door? Get notified when it opens/closes? This is low-tech solution for the trusty old parallel port.



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